• Tips:
    1. Daily practice is key. Just 30 minutes a day. Examples: Class Warm ups, Bass Lines,  Long Tones or longest note, and Scales, Learning new notes to extend your range, etc. 
    2. Diligent care of your equipment is vital.  Instead of leaving your instrument on your bed or random chair, just put it back in your case during break times.  Siblings are the number one cause of damage and are not allowed to touch your instrument.
    Strings and Reeds Information:
    Strings:  Keep track of what string you are tuning (open E, A, D, G, C) while tuning with a chromatic tuner on a free phone app or device. Always tune starting from below the pitch.
    Reeds: Make sure to soak your reed long enough before use.  If possible use a "Reed guard" or case after use. After finding a set that you prefer (say a set of 3) play on a different reed each day.  Please use cork grease on corks.  If stuck, use a cloth to grip the device and remove it.
    Brass Instrument Information:
    Brass including trumpets, french horn, trombones and tuba.  Never force your valves or slides to work without a lubricant.  It causes damage and costs money to repair.   Please oil your valves and be sure to do only one at a time.  Don't take apart all the valves at once.