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    HMH Into Reading


    At home and school:

    Imagine Learning


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    Apps for Parents and students

    Dyslexia Apps

    1. Dyslexia Quest
    2. Dyslexia Gold
    3. Ogstar Reading Explore
    4. Omoguru: Dyslexia Friendly Reader
    5. Easy Dyslexia Aid
    6. Learning Ally Audiobooks
    7. Special Words
    8. Starfall ABCs
    9. Reading Eggs
    10. Otsimo Special Education
    11. Phonics Genius


    Apps for Learners with Writing Difficulties

    1. The Writing Machine.
    2. Write Words
    3. Letter School.
    4. Alpha Writer.
    5. ABC Pocket Phonics.
    6. Word Magic.


    App for Everyone

    Phonics With Phonograms