• Reading

    Our new reading/language arts will be used this year. This is a balanced literacy approach and incorporates phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling and writing/penmanship skills. The class will also utilize fiction and non-fiction books to aid in theme-based units that are based on common core/state standards.

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    The spelling component is used district wide. Students are introduced and held accountable for new words each week that correlate with the phonics program. They will also have "Amazing Words" that can be used as spelling challenge words and foster reading comprehension in the current story.  Spelling words will be sent home. So please check your child's homework folder daily for family times and other important information.

    Direct instruction is given in penmanship using the D'Nealian method. Neatness and correct formation are stressed.

    Six Traits of Writing is a method used throughout Wilson and included in the reading program. Children are taught specific skills such as voice, organization, ideas, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions. Third grade emphasis is on conventions and ideas. Children are encouraged and taught how to write letters, stories (fiction and non-fiction), make lists, write an essay, write books and many other stimulating and engaging writing activities.



    Amphi uses Everyday Math.  This program is used district-wide. The math textbook includes many hands-on math activities. The childen will use manipulatives to help reinforce all of the math concepts taught. Math common core standards are used in the program. Writing is also integrated into math at certain times.

    Science/Social Studies

    These subjects are taught in themes. They involve direct instruction and follow up centers. Hands-on activities are emphasized. Experimentation is done in science, as well as following the scientific process.


    Social Studies



    Early American History 


    Maps and Globes

    Important People in History

    Conflict Resolution/Team Bulding 





    Life Cycles


    Stem Exploration 

    Atmosphere (Layers)/Sun layers