April 2016

  • april 2016

    Nancy Jimmerson (left) – Keeling Elementary

    Ms. Jimmerson has been part of the Amphi Family for 35 years. She is currently a first grade teacher at Keeling Elementary, but spent the majority of her career at Donaldson Elementary (32 years) and one year at Harelson Elementary before joining the staff at Keeling Elementary for the 2014-15 school year.

    Even as a veteran teacher, she consistently tries new approaches to help her students succeed and develop a love of learning. Ms. Jimmerson is patient, kind, supportive and holds high expectations for herself and others. Other teachers see her as a school leader and look to her for advice and mentoring.

    Ms. Jimmerson is a true cheerleader for the Keeling community. She goes above and beyond to contribute to a positive school culture. She is a strong leader for the “No Excuses University” at Keeling which helps build unity and instills a belief that everyone can succeed and go to college. She is an outstanding teacher and willingly accepts and faces challenges with determination and strength. Ms. Jimmerson is the Pride of Amphi!


    Tammy Barrie – Bus Driver

    Ms. Barrie has been with the district since 1998. She is currently the Wilson K-8 school site liaison. Whether it is 7:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m., she can be found flawlessly directing drivers and resolving issues to ensure our kids arrive safely at their destinations.

    Ms. Barrie is a problem solver and student safety is her top priority. She is friendly and dependable and will go out of her way to make sure students are taken care of. Earlier this year, she noticed a student who seemed lost while walking home. She radioed in to dispatch to explain the situation and followed through to ensure the student got home safely. When a student misplaced a phone on another bus, Ms. Barrie made arrangements to drop off the phone to the student on her way home. 

    It’s that level of dedication that makes Ms. Barrie an outstanding part of the transportation team and the Pride of Amphi!