• Your Choices: In-Person Instruction (when possible)
    or Amphi Academy Online by Request

    Please click here to find extensive information about Amphitheater's 2020-2021 learning models and choices for families. 


    Amphitheater Reopening Plans

    The Amphitheater Governing Board approved the District's Reopening Plan on July 14, 2020. The plan includes learning models that allow parents to choose how their children go to school. See the link below for more informaiton about your choices.

    The approved Reopening Plan was informed by our Blue Ribbon Task Force made up of more than 230 volunteers with diverse points of view – parents, teachers, support staff, students, and community members. Learn more about the approved plan at the links below.

    Immediate Plan: Start school remotely on Aug. 10

    The District has reviewed its options for when to start the school year, balancing the health-related concerns of the COVID-19 virus with the educational needs of our students and community. Amphitheater schools will reopen remotely on Aug. 10 and will open for in-person education when it is safe to do so. Based on COVID case rates and White House and Centers for Disease Control guidelines, it is unlikely they will open before Labor Day.

    We have also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions section and will update it as more questions are submitted. If you have questions, please send them to answers@amphi.com.