• It is the responsibility of the payroll department to pay all district employees on a biweekly basis. This includes coaches and substitutes. Payday is every other Friday unless otherwise noted due to district holidays.
    Employees may receive their pay in the form of a check (warrant) issued by the Pima County Treasurer's office, or by direct deposit to a financial institution. Direct deposit forms are available on our webpage or in the Payroll office.
    If an employee elects not to have direct deposit, the employee's check will be mailed out to the employee’s home address.
    Three methods of salary payment are offered to academic year employees. These forms are available from HR at the time of employment or in the Payroll department.
    Certified employees are paid a contract amount based on the current salary schedule provided to the payroll department. Classified employees are paid an hourly rate based on the current salary schedule provided to the payroll department and timesheets that are submitted by each work site. Substitutes are paid based on the current daily rate or by the hourly rate for the substitute position and timesheets submitted by each work site.
    We welcome the opportunity to assist Amphitheater School District employees with their payroll needs. Employees please refer to Payroll on Sharepoint for resources.