• Portrait of a Graduate student


    Two students doing science work

    Amphitheater students are provided academic experiences using a variety of teaching methods, with instruction tailored to their needs. The District bases curriculum and instruction on proven approaches with an eye toward innovation. Teachers are highly qualified professionals who are experts in their subject matter and are trained in how to teach all children.


    Group of students doing biology project

    Students at Amphitheater learn to research, identify and analyze information and use those skills to make sound judgments and employ effective reasoning. Teachers help students develop skills in scientific inquiry, the engineering design process and logic to understand and evaluate material and apply this thinking in the real world. 


    Students with giant bubble

    In every Amphitheater school, students learn to use a wide range of techniques to generate, develop and evaluate ideas. Students are encouraged to take creative risks, follow curiosities and put their ideas into action. At Amphitheater, creativity and innovation are viewed as a cyclical process of small successes and frequent mistakes. This approach allows for significant growth and achievement that reaches across all academic disciplines.