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  • Teachers, explore your earning potential!

    Bachelor's Degree
    1st Year Teacher
    Assistant Soccer Coach

    🎓 Bachelor's Degree $46,586.65
    💲 Pay for Performance 301 Money
         (Estimate at End of Year)
    Assistant Soccer Coach $2,400
    💰 Total Earning Potential $52,986.65

    Bachelor's Degree
    5 Years Teaching Experience
    Head Swimming Coach
    Academic Decathlon
    Hard to Fill Position (Math Teacher)

    🎓 Bachelor's Degree $47,686.65
    💲 Pay for Performance 301 Money
         (Estimate at End of Year)
    🏊 Head Swim Coach $3,000
    🏆 Academic Decathlon $1,600
    👍 "Hard to Fill" Stipend $5,000
    💰 Total Earning Potential $61,286.65

    Master's Degree +15 Units
    10 Years Teaching Experience
    Technology Coach
    Hard to Fill Position (Special Education) 

    🎓 Master's+ Degree $53,152.60
    💲 Pay for Performance 301 Money
         (Estimate at End of Year)
    💻 Technology Coach $1,550
    👍 "Hard to Fill" Stipend $4,000
    💰 Total Earning Potential $62,702.60
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    All eligible employees must participate in the Arizona State Retirement System’s pension and long-term disability programs. The ASRS plan requires that 12.22% of an employee’s gross salary be deducted from each paycheck on a pre-tax basis for the pension program. The District also contributes 12.22% of the employee’s gross salary. There is a 0.19% deduction to the employee for long-term disability (LTD). The District also contributes 0.19% for LTD. Click here to learn more!

  • Live, play, and work with us in Arizona!

    Arizona is an amazing place to work, live, and raise your family. We boast of our low cost of living, award-winning restaurants, heart-pounding theater performances, and plenty of historical sites to see.

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