• Let's Talk Communication

    Welcome to the Communications Department. We are here for you. Our mission is to provide the information our students, families, staff and community members need to take advantage of Amphi's excellent educational services. The Communications Department is always open. If you have a question and can't find the information you need, please send it to answers@amphi.com. We try to answer within 24 hours of receiving the inquiry.

    Please follow our social media pages for lots of information and browse this website to find information you may need. You can also find our email addresses and phone numbers at your fingertips.

    We love to share stories about the many great things happening in Amphitheater Public Schools. We invite you to look through these webpages and learn more about our dedicated teachers and staff, and the extraordinary students we serve. If you have a story you would like to tell us about, please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Valenzuela
    Communications Director

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