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  • Recent Communication Update (4/14/2020)​​

    ​Post-FFCRA Process to Qualify for District-Paid Sick Leave During Quarantine
    ​After an employee's FFCRA emergency paid sick leave expires, an employee who is quarantined may continue to receive full pay as permitted by Policy GCCA (Professional Staff Sick Leave) and GDCA (Support Staff Sick Leave) as long as the employee has paid leave available.  The employee and, if necessary, the supervisor are responsible to input District paid leave requests like this into TimeClocks Plus or iVisions, as appropriate.  The employee does not need to provide a medical note for this purpose if the employee has not returned to work since coming off of FFCRA emergency paid sick leave.
    ​Process for Leave Without Pay During Quarantine
    ​Once the employee has exhausted all available paid leave (FFCRA and District paid leave), an employee who remains under quarantine may be granted a leave of absence without pay for the duration of the quarantine as required by Policy GCCA or Policy GDCA.  The Benefits Department is responsible to assist these employees to obtain approval for this unpaid leave of absence.  If the employee receives District benefits, the District will continue to make any regular District contribution toward the employee’s benefits during the quarantine.    
    ​Required Documentation
    ​Because we have the FFCRA verification from these employees, no additional medical note is requried for employees who have remained co​ntinuously on quarantine for the employee to continue with paid and unpaid leave under this process.
    If an employee returns to work at the end of the FFCRA emergency paid sick leave and then reports a need to quarantine, the District may request medical documentation supporting the new quarantine.
    It is important for employees who continue to quarantine to understand that their supervisors will have authority under Policy GBGCB (Staff Health and Safety) to request a medical release as a condition to return to work at the end of the quarantine.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Q&A

  • When can I apply for FFCRA sick leave?

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    Employees can start using their FFCRA sick leave beginning March 30 as long as they do not exceed the maximum number of hours given to them through FFCRA.

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  • Are you able to split the days for child care? (ie take 2 days, work 1 day, off another, etc.)

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    FFCRA paid emergency sick leave will be applied upon employee request, subject to federal limitations, according to the verified reason that the employee provides in the FFCRA application form. Once the employee verifies the reason for the need to use FFCRA emergency paid sick leave, that reason remains in place as long as the employee has that need. Employees can use FFCRA leave and District leave on different days in the same week. They cannot be applied on the same day. FFCRA leave expires once the employee returns to work or December 31, 2020, whichever is earlier.

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  • Will employees be paid 2 weeks at their FTE or will they be paid the maximum of 80 hours?

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    Full-time employees are entitled to up to 80 hours of FFCRA emergency paid sick leave subject to Federal limitations. For a part-time employee, the number of hours equal to the average number of hours that the employee works over a typical two-week period for any combination of qualifying reasons. However, the total number of hours for which an employee receives for FFCRA emergency paid sick leave is capped at 80 hours under the FFCRA. There are also aggregate caps on the daily rate to be paid for FFCRA emergency paid sick leave, depending upon the reason given for the leave request.

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  • Will employees be notified that they are approved for the FFRCA leave?

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    Employees who request to use FFCRA leave will have it applied on the dates requested as long as the employee signs the verified FFCRA form electronically.

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  • What happens after leave hours are up? Do they just return to work?

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    Supervisors have the option to require a doctor’s release from an employee who remained home because the individual was experiencing symptoms of the COVID-19 or tested positive.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending upon the verified reason provided by the employee for FFCRA emergency paid sick leave.

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  • What happens after the 2 week time period? When do supervisors start adding & approving their time?

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    Supervisors are notified when an employee is absent from work through FFCRA emergency paid sick leave.  Employees may use District leave to be absent from work after their FFCRA emergency paid sick leave ends.  District leave should be requested through normal processes using Time Clocks Plus or the iVisions Employee Self-Service portal as applicable.

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  • Will long term subs continue to be paid after initial April 10 date?

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