• Remote Learning


    What is Remote Learning in Amphi?

    Learning will occur completely in a remote (at home), online model with expectations for independent learning experiences. Here are the details we have to share with you today:

    • Remote learning will take place five full days per week
    • Students will be expected to be logged in to their device every day and interact live with their teacher(s) at certain times
    • Expectations for student attendance and engagement will be in place and feedback/grades will be provided to assess student progress
    • Students virtually attend class sessions with their teachers in addition to learning tasks off-line
    • Allows for students to be connected to their teachers, peers, and curriculum remotely due to the Governor’s Executive Order
    • Amphi teachers will facilitate online learning utilizing Amphi curriculum which will provide the same rigorous curriculum that would have been offered in person
    • Accommodations and supports based on student needs will be provided (IEPs, 504s, ELLs, etc.)
    • Social and emotional learning and the needs and concerns of students and families will be prioritized
    • Your site will communicate information about extra-curricular activities


    Please watch the video for more information on digital resources:

    Video on Digital Curriculum Resources


    What if I don't have online access?

    Students who will be learning offline will be given packets each week that contain enough material for a full academic day, for all five days of the week. Students will be expected to complete the assigned work and submit it to the teacher for verification of attendance. Teacher will regularly contact students who are offline to provide feedback and support. To request these packets, please call or email your principal.