• The Chief Financial Officer supervises and directs all financial transactions within the school district. This individual oversees the following: accounting, budget, purchasing, tuition-in students and the warehouse. Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, the annual district budget is prepared for presentation to the Amphitheater Governing Board and submission to the Arizona State Department of Education.

    Beginning with the 1996-1997 school year, the Finance and Accounting Department has been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (Certificate of Achievement) is an award designed to recognize and encourage excellence in financial reporting by state and local governments. The attainment of a Certificate of Achievement represents a significant accomplishment for a government and its management. In 2001, 422 school districts of the thousands in the United States and Canada were chosen to receive this award. Additionally, the Finance and Accounting Department has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting by the Association of School Business Officials International. This award is presented for excellence in the preparation and issuance of a school system comprehensive annual financial report. This elite award is presented only to those school districts which meet the program's comprehensive and exacting standards.

    Finance and Accounting Department
    The Finance and Accounting Department supervises all expenditures and keeps district accounts in compliance with board policy and Arizona statutes. This department supervises all special school district funds including extracurricular funds and individual school funds. Other duties include verification and payment of all bills and the collection and distribution of funds.

    Accounts Payable
    It is the responsibility of the accounting department to pay the district's bills. Purchase orders are issued to schools and departments for the purchase of all goods and services. Goods and services may not be purchased without first obtaining a purchase order. If an individual goes directly to vendor with a purchase order to buy needed supplies, they must sign for the items they purchase and then return the signed invoice to the accounting department.

    When invoices are received, the accounting department matches the invoice to signed receivers from the warehouse and appropriate purchase orders. After the invoices are processed for payment, they are sent as vouchers to the governing board for approval. When the governing board approves the vouchers for payment, they are forwarded to the County School Superintendent's office where checks are actually printed. The checks are sent back to the accounting department where they are then mailed to vendors.

    Employees are responsible for forwarding all signed and dated paperwork from purchases they have picked up or received on a purchase order