• CORE Amphitheater Public Schools Community Outreach to Restore Education (apple core logo with two childrens faces)


    A group for parents, community members, and business leaders who support quality public education and the benefits it provides our  community



    The Need

    As parents and community members, we’ve heard about the lack of funding for public education in Arizona. Over the past decade, Amphitheater has lost over $99 million in student funding and millions more in capital funding to repair our facilities. This defunding of our public schools is a threat to our community. Quality public schools assist in increasing property values, decreasing crime, and attracting high quality jobs to our area.

    Our Mission

    The purpose of this group is to educate our parents, community members, businesses, and government officials about the vital need to restore education funding in Arizona.

    Our Goals


    • Restore full education funding annually
    • Require our elected officials to closely scrutinize proposed expenditures of tax money for new or expanded experimental education programs
    • Eliminate tax credits and loop holes that remove money from public schools
    • Apprise elected officials on the funding and policy needs of Amphitheater Public Schools


    • Educate community members on how quality public schools impact their property values and crime rate
    • Connect with business leaders to highlight the need for well-educated graduates to produce quality employees
    • Foster a strong work/community/school relationship to for potential internships, volunteer opportunities, and employment


    Our Activities

    • Giving presentations to parent groups, chambers of commerce, business leaders/groups, and community organizations
    • Creating social media campaigns with facts about the programs and services public education provide
    • Meeting with our state representatives to educate them on how budget cuts are hurting our students, property values, and job creation
    • Traveling to Phoenix to speak directly to the legislative session
    • Building strong partnerships within the Amphitheater community to see all our students thrive


    Volunteer with us


    If you like to work behind the scenes:

    • Email List Curator — Maintain database of email contacts who sign up from website, events, and schools
    • Graphic Artist — Design the marketing materials and social media posts
    • Legislative Monitor — Follow legislative bills concerning education and alert the group if we need to contact our elected officials
    • Research — Find statistics and data to support our cause
    • Social Media Management — Work with graphic designer and writer to create posts and repost interesting articles/posts on Facebook and Twitter
    • Webmaster — Maintain and update website
    • Writer — Compose information for handouts, social media, and website


    If you are a people person:

    • Business Connection — Identify and recruit business who believe quality public education benefits our community
    • Community Contact — Identify and recruit community partners who wish to partner with our organization
    • Legislative Liaison — Working face to face with our elected officials
    • Parent Recruiter — Recruit parents to join our group and/or sign up for email list
    • Presenter — Makes presentations to schools, community, and business groups about our funding
    • School Site Representative — Liaison from the committee to the school to disseminate information to staff and parents


    For more information or to volunteer, please email us at core@amphi.com