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    Thank you for inquiring about open enrollment in Amphitheater Public Schools. We welcome students from outside the District and attendance boundaries, and we will do our best to place your student in the school of your choice.  Please note that open enrollment decisions are made for each school based on capacity and projected enrollment.

    The following is intended to provide you with basic information regarding Amphitheater’s Open Enrollment policy. You may read the entire Governing Board Policy JFB for more complete information.

    Open Enrollment permits students who live:

    Within the Amphitheater District to:

    • go to a different district school outside their home attendance boundaries

    Outside the Amphitheater District to:

    • go to a school in the District  

    Open Enrollment Applications

    For the current school year:

    • Open Enrollment Application forms are available at your school of choice.
    • Open Enrollment Application forms should be clearly marked "current year" to avoid delays;
    • Please note that Open Enrollment Applications for the current school year will not be approved after February 1 of the current year.

    For the next school year:

    • Forms are available December 1 of the year preceding the school year in which open enrollment is sought.
    • Open Enrollment Application forms may be obtained online HERE;
    • Distrito Escolar Amphitheater Solicitud de inscripción Abierta en Español;
    • Open Enrollment Application forms also may be obtained at the school of choice;
    • Open Enrollment Applications should be submitted to the school of choice no later than January 15. Those received after this date will be considered late applications.

    Late Applications

    • Submitted after January 15;
    • Handled on a first-come, first-served basis after timely submittals are enrolled or rejected;
    • May be approved for schools that still have capacity.

    Application Decisions  

    • To be provided in writing no later than February 1.
    • If your student’s application is approved, the school will contact you regarding the registration process;
    • If your student’s application is wait-listed because there is no capacity for additional school enrollment, the date of additional capacity review will be given.
    • If rejected, the reason for the rejection shall be provided.

    An eligible Open Enrollment student:

    • Will agree to provide their own transportation (some exceptions apply);
    • Will not be currently suspended or expelled by any other Arizona school district;
    • Will not have any outstanding disciplinary conditions placed upon him/her by another school, district or court.

    Incomplete/Inaccurate Applications:

    • Incomplete or inaccurate applications unfortunately cannot be processed.
    • It is the responsibility of the parent/legal custodian to notify the school of any changes in the application, such as address or phone number;

    Age Requirements

    • Students must meet Arizona minimum age requirements for school attendance. Students must be five (5) years of age by September 1 for Kindergarten;

    Applications that request early admission to Kindergarten will not be considered.

    • Students must be six (6) years of age by September 1 to enter first grade.