May 2016

  • May 2016 DSA

    Holly Abeles (left) – District Finance Department

    Holly Abeles has been with the District since 2005 and served as a Budget Technician for the Finance Department for 11 years. Her main responsibilities have included preparing and entering journal entries, handling the weekly deposit, preparing agenda items for the Governing Board, entering department requisitions, and general office management for the Finance Department. She has been an excellent liaison between the Finance Department and the school administrative assistants, department administrative assistants, and the bookstore managers.

    Ms. Abeles has been an active member of the Wetmore Social Committee for 10 years, and her dedication and commitment to the district is evident in all she does. Her ability to read minds and predict the future will be skills most missed when she retires later this month. We wish her all the best on her retirement and thank her for her service to Amphi!


    Nicole King – Coronado K-8

    Nicole King has been a member of the Coronado K-8 family for 12 years and has proven to be a valuable educational leader on the campus. She is an advocate for all students and looks for solutions to problems by focusing on the resources available and how she can provide the best education experience possible. Her thoughtful nature drives her to seek new knowledge and this is evident in her work with students.

    Ms. King is reflective and her decisions are grounded in how to best serve the student's needs. She is a strong proponent for collaboration and seeks the support and expertise of those around her. Each and every day, she has a tremendous impact on the students at Coronado K-8, and she does so with a positive outlook, warm personality, and a kind demeanor. Thank you, Ms. King!