May 2016

  • Sept 2016 DSA recipients

    Dina Gutierrez - Health Outreach Assistant, State and Federal Programs (left)

    Dina Gutierrez is passionate about the importance of Early Childhood Education and the positive impact of parents as their child's first and most important teacher. She is strongly committed to working collaboratively with Amphi families, program staff, district staff, and the early childhood community to increase parent involvement and each child's kinder readiness skills.

    During the last school year, her department worked with 79 Amphi families and more than 100 children. Additionally, last year Dina helped her department to expand their work with principals in order to assist in transitioning parents into Amphi Kindergarten programs and providing additional support services to these families. The Parents As Teachers program was able to provide 380 Getting Ready for Kinder Booklets, 90 Parent informational booklets along with handouts, workshops/training on parent home support, materials and supplies to reinforce Kindergarten ready skills.

    Every day presents a variety of challenges for families in the Amphitheater District and Dina constantly rises to the occasion. Dina is flexible as the need arises, but also understands how changes can impact the big picture as well. She remains a positive, patient, role model in her leadership of the Parents As Teachers department.  Dina is constantly working to improve the program and ensure that children and their families are receiving the best possible services for each individual child.


    Susan Latin – 3rd Grade Teacher, Copper Creek Elementary

    Susan Latin has been a classroom teacher in the Amphitheater School District for more than 14 years. She has consistently mentored student teachers, new teaching staff, and students to enable them to improve their academic and personal achievements in a manner that exudes caring, kindness, commitment, compassion, and loyalty to her profession.

    Over the past year, Susan has spent many hours learning progressive teaching techniques to support students with special needs within her classroom. With an increase in “inclusion learning” within Copper Creek, Susan has been a leader in implementing innovative teaching modifications and teaching plans to ensure that ALL students within her classroom are given the opportunity for the highest level of academic progress possible.

    Susan has worked tirelessly to pave the way to implement appropriate strategies and modifications for all of her students. In addition to altering academic content and delivery methods, Susan educates all children in her classroom on the specialized needs, encouragement, and assistance of children with special needs.

    She is fostering a generation of young people who are not only achieving academic excellence under her guidance, but are learning how to become well-rounded, caring, compassionate, kind, and tolerant individuals. 

    Susan Latin has contributed significantly to the Amphitheater Community, to Copper Creek, to the children in her care, and to our community as a whole.