• dsa recipients

    Ben Hurley, P.E. Teacher - Amphitheater High School

    Mr. Ben Hurley has worked at Amphitheater High School for 20 years as a P.E. teacher and basketball coach. He has run one of the most competitive basketball programs in Tucson for the past 10 years, reaching the state finals three years in a row, winning a state championship in 2011, and placing dozens of athletes on collegiate basketball teams and professional teams throughout the world. Although he is often recognized for his success as a basketball coach, few people are lucky enough to see the success that he has working with his students each day and the impact he has on the school and Amphi community. He is an advocate for his students and emphasizes setting personal goals as well as the importance of working as a team. He is respected by students and staff and is a valuable resource for the entire Amphi community. Mr. Hurley is the Pride of Amphi!


    Sandra Rodriguez-Crespo, Bilingual Clerk - Keeling Elementary

    Ms. Sandra Rodriguez-Crespo is one of the first smiling faces that parents, children and staff see as they enter Keeling Elementary each day. Her positive energy and happiness sets the tone and she consistently looks for ways to ensure that Keeling families and staff feel supported. She has a strong work ethic and handles the information shared with her for translation with tact, care and complete professionalism. She helps initiate communication with parents, facilitates calls, and supports teachers with parent/teacher conferences to overcome any language barriers so that all students can succeed. Ms. Rodriguez-Crespo is incredibly selfless and always finds ways to serve and give to others in the Keeling community. Ms. Rodriguez-Crespo is the Pride of Amphi!