• DSA recipients

    Stephanie Quimby-Greene, Library Assistant (right)
    Rio Vista Elementary

    Mrs. Quimby-Greene has been an Amphi employee for 26 years but her ties to the district run much deeper. She is also a product of the Amphi school district and attended Holaway Elementary, Amphi Junior High and Amphi High School. Over the course of her career, she has held various positions at both Rio Vista and Nash Elementary, including clerk, educational assistant, and instructional technology specialist prior to returning to Rio Vista as the library assistant in 2007.

    Mrs. Quimby-Greene is the “Pied Piper” at Rio Vista, and she has quite a following from students and families alike! She is a phenomenal storyteller and hosts “Bedtime Book Bears” almost every Wednesday evening at the school for families to hear a story and participate in a craft activity. Mrs. Quimby-Greene makes the library at Rio Vista a special place for everyone and instills in our students a love of reading. Mrs. Quimby-Greene is the Pride of Amphi!

    Elizabeth Wick, Teacher (left)
    Holaway Elementary

    Mrs. Elizabeth Wick is a 5th grade teacher at Holaway Elementary. Anyone who walks into her classroom immediately understands the positive impact and influence she is having on her students. She aims to inspire and encourage those around her and she is driven to help each student reach his or her potential. Her classes have consistently made tremendous growth in reading skills and she is active on many committees throughout the school. Mrs. Wick creates experiences for her students that they remember for the rest of their lives and she frequently has former students return to Holaway to visit and celebrate their accomplishments. Mrs. Wick is the Pride of Amphi!