• DSA February


    Julie Brandt - First Grade Teacher

    Ms. Brandt began her teaching career as a student teacher at Prince Elementary 33 years ago. She became an expert reading teacher and in 1994 she was selected as a district nominee for the Teacher of the Year/Ambassador for Excellence Program.

    Throughout her career she has served as a mentor to other teachers and many instructional coaches often bring teachers to observe her exceptional teaching skills. She makes her classroom an exciting, safe, happy environment where students can thrive and learn; whether it be putting on the holiday play, hosting spaghetti with books parties, or breakfast with books and Young Author’s parties, where parents can come and listen to their child’s written stories. Ms. Brandt always goes the extra mile to find fun and engaging activities for our students.

    Mrs. Brandt loves her students at Prince and has been dedicated to hundreds of families she has served over the years. She is an extraordinary example of Distinguished Service to our community!


    DSA February

    Ms. Nancy Konsmo - Special Education Coordinator Assistant

    For the past 18 years, Ms. Konsmo has been a Special Education Coordinator Assistant in the Amphitheater school district serving at Harelson Elementary, Cross Middle School, and currently Ironwood Ridge High School. She has provided critical case management and regulatory compliance for literally thousands of students with special needs throughout her tenure. 

    Ms. Konsmo has the rare ability to anticipate problems, think creatively to identify solutions, and then collaborate with various staff members and parents to make decisions. Simply put, our special education services would not function as efficiently without the work of our Special Education Coordinator Assistants and Ms. Konsmo is extraordinarily capable, reliable, and dependable.  Her good humor, caring personality, and enormous heart have made her a valued colleague and an irreplaceable team leader.