•  Curbside Meal Service

    All meals are free for all children 18 and under until the end of the school year.

    The USDA is covering the cost of these meals.

    In person students can get breakfast and lunch and it will not be charged to their account.

    Students are encouraged to participate in Curbside Meal Service as well as in-person meals.

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    Ocala Post - 43,000 students to be provided with a "Grab & Go" meal

    The Amphi Food Service Department will be providing Curbside Meal Service at 14 schools. All meals are free to children 18 and under. Grab and Go meals can be picked up on Wednesdays. Each child will receive 2 days' worth of breakfast and lunch, and 7 days' worth of supper, and snack. 


     Curbside Meals Heating Instructions

    Curbside Meals Heating Instructions pg2