• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How will schools be cleaned?

    A: Classrooms, offices and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized regularly at all grade levels. The District is hiring additional personnel to help with this.

    Q: My child has an IEP or 504 plan or needs special services. How will this work?

    A: The Student Services department will work with all children who have special needs to provide the services children are entitled to receive. If you have questions, please contact your school principal.

    Q: How will you handle social distancing in classrooms?

    A: Rooms will be cleared of unnecessary items to make more room. Desks and tables will be separated as much as possible.

    Q: How will you ensure students and staff wash their hands regularly throughout the day?

    A: Hand-washing will be built into the day, and the District will be providing additional hand-washing stations at elementary schools.

    Q: Will children have recess?

    A: Recess will continue as feasible, with equipment sanitized between classes.

    Q: What about athletics and clubs?

    A: Extracurricular activities will be considered when schools are able to open in-person. At that point, we'll be guided by the AIA and health departments for any safety measures that may be required.

    Q: How will you keep buses safe?

    A: Students, drivers and aides will wear masks. If a child forgets a mask, the driver will provide one. Students will sit no more than two per bench, and buses will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

    Q: How will you handle meals during the day?

    A: Children will eat meals in expanded seating in cafeterias or outdoors if possible. Teachers will have their normal lunch breaks. Tables will be sanitized between meal breaks. Food will be prepackaged and placed on tables to avoid having lines.

    Q: Will students and staff have to provide their own masks?

    A: For the most part, yes. The District will provide face coverings in special situations. For example, teachers working with hearing impaired students will be provided face coverings that allow the mouth to be seen. The District is working with nonprofits for donations of cloth masks to have on hand for children and staff who are not able to provide their own.

    Q: What about technology for when schools have to go online-only?

    A: The District has ordered 4,000 Chromebooks and 700 webcams to assist families and teachers with technology. The District also has a committee working with internet providers and nonprofits to find ways to help families who do not have internet access get the access they need.

    Q: What if employees don’t feel their work spaces are safe?

    A: Employees who feel their work stations need to be modified for safety concerns may fill out a form requesting a review. The form is on Sharepoint, the District’s internal website.

    Q: Will teachers be required to provide in-person and online instruction at the same time?

    A: No. We will not require teachers to work online and in-person, but we encourage teachers to turn on their cameras so that students at home can listen in.

    Q: A consultation is required to transition from remote learning to in-person instruction or vice versa. What will this consultation involve?

    A: We want to make it as easy as possible for students/families to change if the model the choose isn’t working for them. We said “by consultation” to ensure that students’ best interests are served and so that if a student is switching from in-person to online, the school can work to make sure the student isn’t dropped into a program in a place they aren’t prepared for. Same goes for the other way. Also, if a student switches back and forth numerous times, we worry they will lose continuity of instruction, so we would want to work with the family to make those transitions. Some school districts are only allowing changes at the quarter or the semester. We don’t want to do that. If a model is not working for a student, we want the student to be able to change as soon as possible.

    Q: What protocol will be followed when a child or staff member presents with COVID symptoms? Or tests positive for COVID?

    A: We will follow CDC rules and Pima County Health guidelines.