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    • Families should contact their schools to choose Online Learning by Request. A staff member will contact you to guide you through the registration process.

    Information about Online Learning by Request

    Students will register for classes to attend through the Amphi Academy Online. The Amphi Academy Online has been in service to students in middle and high school for eight years and is prepared to expand for anyone who wishes to attend. To read more about the elementary, middle and high school programs, including a course list for middle and high school, please click here.

    The Amphi Academy Online for K-5 students is new this year and will be built on a platform designed for our younger learners. We will have more information about specific curriculum in the coming days. Here is an overview of what online learning looks like in the District.

    • Students will receive full-time instruction via digital curriculum with support from an Amphitheater teacher.
    • Teachers will provide students and parents with specific information about what to expect regarding homework, lesson time, grading and delivery of instruction.
    • Special education teams will work directly with families to schedule required in-person or remote-location therapies and other services.
    • Support services will be provided to eligible students.
    • Personal computer required. District will not be lending out computers to Amphi Academy students. 
    • Internet access required.
    • The most flexible option for middle and high school students, this model allows students to work at their own pace with instructor guidance, and at any time, day or night. 
    • Extracurricular activities such as clubs and athletics will be offered under the same conditions as in the In-Person Learning model.
    • Social and emotional supports will be available as appropriate to promote student and family wellness.