• Hybrid Model Learning FAQs

    Q: Why has the District decided to go to a hybrid model of learning?

    A: The hybrid model allows students to receive in-person instruction, two days a week, with reduced class sizes that will accommodate a socially distanced, face-to-face learning environment. Coming to school in-person is critical to decrease isolation and to ensure that all students have equal access to education.

    Q: What will students be doing on the days that they are not participating in the in-person instruction?

    A: Teaches will give assignments through Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or during their in-person instruction for students to work on while they are remote-learning.  On Wednesdays, teachers will conduct whole-class Zoom lessons, meet with students who may need extra help, and meet with students in breakout sessions, depending on what is needed. 

    Q: Why are students attending in-person instruction on the Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday schedule, rather than a Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday schedule?   

    A: Attending in-person on the Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday schedule ensures that students do not have long gaps between in-person instruction.  This is better for all students academically, especially those who may not have consistent contact through the internet. 

    Q: Will schools be cleaned between cohorts?

    A: Yes.  Every school will be cleaned and sanitized every day so each cohort will start each day in a clean environment.

    Q: For middle and high school, how will classrooms be cleaned between each class?

    A: Students will assist with the cleaning of classrooms.  Teachers will spray desks and students will wipe them down.

    Q: If my children go to different schools, will they be attending in-person instruction on the same days?

    A: Yes.  Schools are working together to put siblings in the same cohort.  Please contact your  school(s) if your children are assigned to in-person instruction on different days.

    Q: Will transportation be provided for my child(ren) on their in-person days?

    A: Yes.  Students eligible for transportation will receive a notice containing their bus schedule.

    Q: What are my options if I don’t want to send my child(ren) to school in the hybrid model?

    A: Student may transfer to our full-time online option, Amphi Academy Online.  Go to www.amphi.com/amphiacademy for more information and contact your home school to enroll.

    Q: I heard that drinking fountains are disabled. How will my child get drinking water?

    A: Regular drinking fountains will be disabled due to the possible spread of the virus. Bottle fillers are available in several locations and more are being installed. Sinks are also available to fill water bottles. All students should bring a clean water bottle to school every day.

    Q: My child has a chromebook checked out. Do we need to turn it in to the school now that we are going to a hybrid model?

    A: No. Your child will need the chromebook for online days during hybrid. Your school will tell you if your child needs to bring the chromebook to school for some reason.

    Q: Can my child stay in the “remote by necessity” model and not go to Amphi Academy Online or come to school for the Hybrid Model?

    A: No. Teachers are unable to offer both the full online program and the in-person program at the same time.