• Introduction to Analysis:

    The theme of English 12 is "The Journey," a theme that we address right away in the first two weeks of class with several speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. You will be creating a Google/Gmail account (if you have not already done so) and joining Scheel's English 12 Turnitin.com account on Day Two of the course in the computer lab.

    Additionally, all of the English classes at IRHS will be using a CLOSE READING PROTOCOL to provide students with a framework for approaching challenging reading material on their own. Teachers will use the protocol at various points within the course to model and support what good readers do on their own.

    Independent Reading in English 12

    Early in the course we will discuss the concept of Literary Merit.

    Students have some choice in their reading in this course when choosing a novel of literary merit that they have NOT read before.

    Students will be keeping Dialectical Journals (modeled and explained in class, too) to provide practice and feedback in literary analsis for most novels. The following file contains questions to consider in literary analysis (it will be distributed in class, too).

    Senior Project - Fall 2015 (10% of Grade) - DUE Nov. 12th

    • Summarize, Paraphrase or Quote Directly: Which One Should I Use?
    • How to Intergrate Sources in your Essay
    • In-text Citation Samples for Summaries, Paraphrases & Direct Quotes
    • Revision Ideas
    • Personal Checklist for College-Level Essay Writing

    NOTE: The link (above) uses Harvard Style, not MLA

    • Other Revision Web Resources - Great Info!

    Semester I - Literature Study

    • Close Reading Activity & Maxim Essay
    • Book Club Novel Unit
    • Writing with Sources - Online Materials and Quizzes
      • Each Student must Register online with his or her name (as on ID)
      • Students have from about 1 month to Complete this Online Work
      • Students MUST print their Scorecard, with all 20 quizzes completed and at 80% or above.
    • Short Story Unit (packet) & Essay
    • Siddhartha (FREE online version) & Archetypes
    • Oedipus & Archetypes with Film Connection (click or go to TAB on Left Side)
    • Dante's Inferno