• The Associate to the Superintendent and General Counsel is also the Custodian of Records. The Custodian of Records is located at Wetmore Center and is responsible for the maintenance of all official personnel records, Governing Board records and other historical records and documents. The Custodian of Records also coordinates all legal requests for records, such as public records requests and subpoenas. These forms of records requests should be forwarded to the Custodian of Records.

    The following personnel matters are now taken care of through the Human Resources Department:

    • Address/Phone Number Changes.
    • Review of personnel files.
    • Copying of documents contained in personnel file (upon written request).
    • Teacher certification record updates.
    • Submission of Professional Development forms required for recertification.

    While Human Resources notifies teachers of their certification renewal needs, it remains each certificated individual's personal responsibility to remain abreast of their own certification renewal requirements and to ensure their own compliance to avoid loss of certification. Questions regarding certification or recertification can be directed to the Human Resources Department, as well as the State Department of Education Certification Unit.