• Guest Expert Program

    Would you like to lead students in engaging conversations about your college and career experiences? Guest Experts are experts in a subject area whether by trade or as a hobby. Do you have an interesting expertise or experience that could enrich the education of our students?

    Being a Guest Expert gives you the opportunity to share your expertise with Amphitheater classrooms to inspire and bring learning to life for students.

    What does a Guest Expert presentation look like?

    Presentations may be either in person or by Zoom, depending on the teacher's preference and the guest's availability. Presentations may be to any grade level taking into account the attention span of students by age. We are not looking for professional speakers rather Alumni and community members who have skills and talents to share with our students. 

    Topics that work well for presentations:

    • Current Events - Knowledgeable presentations with first-hand or up-to-the-minutes experience
    • Practical applications of theoretical information - explain to students how math solves real world problems or used to write computer programming
    • Deep-learning subjects where students can have a Q&A session with an expert - give students the opportunity to question an expert on what they have learned and how they can apply it in the real world

    Interested in helping students or learning more? Please fill out the form below.