• Amphitheater Public Schools offers online summer courses to current students of the Amphitheater School District who are interested in earning academic credit while working independently. The Mesa Digital Learning Program (MDLP) will be the online curriculum provider.  This program has high quality, interactive online semester courses taught by certified teachers. Our digital learning program provides multimedia-rich curriculum aligned to state and national standards as well as numerous online tools for both parents and students.

    To register for an MDLP summer online course, please follow the instructions below:

      • Students must email a counselor for advisement to take an online course.
      • Students will download and complete the MDLP summer school contract.
      • The completed contract must be emailed to the counselor to complete the online course approval form.
      • The student is responsible to register for the course at http://www.mdlp.org/amphi/

    Important Information: (PLEASE NOTE: SOME DATES HAVE CHANGED)

    • Online summer school pre-registration begins now.
    • Students will be given the opportunity to earn up to 1.0 transferable credit or two semesters of coursework. Note that all coursework must be completed by the final deadline of July 29, 2021. If a student wishes to complete two semesters of coursework, the second semester course may begin after July 2, 2021, but no later than July 8, 2021. 
    • Online teachers grade and provide feedback within an average time of 24 hours. Plan accordingly. All online coursework must be submitted and graded before approval is given to complete the final exam.
    • All MDLP courses require a proctored final exam to be given by the online teacher. The alternative version of this final exam consists of performance and discussion-based assessments. The performance portion can be completed at home, while the discussion portion will be completed with your teacher via video conferencing software.
    • The final course grade will be posted on the student’s transcript. A student who has completed 20% or more of a class and either drops or does not finish the course will receive an “F”.
    • Recommended pacing for a semester long course is approximately six hours per day; five days per week.

    The official enrollment start date for online summer school will be May 24, 2021.