Donated Technology Equipment Policy

  • Amphitheater School District appreciates the assistance offered by businesses, families, and other community members in donating used technology equipment to our schools.  However, used technology equipment creates additional support and fiscal issues.  For example, schools request that donated computers be connected to shared resources such as printers, file servers for document storage, and the Internet.  Each of these requests requires District expenditures in hardware and/or software.

    Under special circumstances schools or departments may accept donated equipment with prior approval from the Director of Technology.  The donation must meet the exact specifications as listed on the IT Equipment & Software Quote Links webpage. 

    In addition:

    • Donated equipment must be needed and usable at the site.
    • Principals or designated staff at site will be responsible for completing the donation form and processing.
    • It is the responsibility of the school or department to provide proof of ownership for all software on the computer.  This includes the operating system and office suite.
    • Schools or departments will be responsible for purchasing any software that is required to connect a computer to the network.  This includes anti-virus software (this is a yearly cost) and client access licenses to connect to District file servers.