• Parenting in the Digital World: Hints, Tips and Tricks for Social Media

    Does your child have access to the internet? Do they have Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter accounts? If your answer was yes for any of these questions or if you're not sure these hints, tips and tricks for parenting in the digital world might be helpful.


    Smart Practices for Parents

    1. Know the password to all of the accounts your child has access too- This includes school programs so you can monitor and be informed on what your child is doing while online.

    2. Check device privacy settings- Adjusting device and profile settings will assist in ensuring your children have age appropriate restrictions.

    3. Discuss and determine appropriate use- Discussing the difference between right and wrong encourages children to understand why rules are in place while recognizing the consequences for not following set guidelines. In addition, discussing safe protocols when online will help safeguard personal information.

    Tricking My Parent

    Do you remember the days of tricking the adults around your? Well this generation has a new set of strategies too, including Apps to hide Apps. Applications such as Keep Safe, Gallery Lock Lite, Best Secret Folder, KYMS and more are designed to disguise secret apps as icons such as calculators or require additional PINs and codes to be input in order to access materials. Some of these application collect GPS location, personal information and access to information on the device being utilized.

    Social Media in the Classroom

    When utilized correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for not only student but parents and teachers. Here are a few examples of how social media is being utilized within our district.

    1. Posting assignments and updates- Teachers may use applications such as Remind101 and Twitter to inform individuals about upcoming due dates, events taking place or to share news about the District. 

    2. Learning Mangement System (LMS)- Programs such as Edmodo, Google Classroom and Schoolwires are used to organize and create a safe and monitored digital learning experience which allows students to collaborate, submit and utilize resources shared by teachers.

    3. Communicating Online- Skype for education, Google Hangouts and other streaming programs allow teachers to invite experts from various fields into the classroom from around the world to share their knowledge while exposing students to first hand information they may not have had access to.