• English Language Development (ELD) Program

    Enrollment and Placement: During the school registration process, parents/guardians will complete the Home Language Survey. When any response on this survey indicates a language other than English, the student is required to take the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA). This assessment is grade level appropriate and evaluates the student’s proficiency of English language skills. Proficiency levels include: Pre-Emergent/Emergent, Basic, Intermediate, and Proficient. The score report will be sent home for each student.

    Parental Notification and Consent: A score lower than Proficient qualifies the student for placement in an ELD program. A Parental Notification and Consent Form will be sent home, along with the school’s ELD program description. This will all happen within the first 30 days of each school year or within two weeks of the student registering during the school year.

    ELD Program Description: All instruction in the ELD program is presented in English and incorporates the skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, grammar, and writing. The curriculum in all ELD classrooms is aligned with the Arizona English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards and correlates to the Arizona English Language Arts Standards. Depending on the number of English learners (ELs) at the school, program models may vary.