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    Kevin Startt, CPPO, CPPB, Purchasing/Warehouse Manager
    1001 W. Roger Road (View MAP)

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    The Amphitheater Purchasing Department is responsible for compliance with the Uniform System of Financial Records (USFR) and Title 7 of the Arizona Administrative Code, Articles 10 and 11, School District Procurement. Title Seven applies to expenditures by a school district of public monies including Federal assistance monies. The USFR defines the requirements for all purchases, to include Title Seven. Compliance to the USFR and Title Seven is reviewed annually by the District's auditors. The Purchasing Department functions as a resource to District staff providing timely assistance with their procurement requirements.

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    Top Row: Cheryle Kane, Steve Belisle
    Bottom Row:  Chase Canham, Dave Morales 




    The Warehouse has multiple responsibilities to include receiving, inspection and delivery of inbound freight, pickup and disposal of surplus materials, recording and inventorying District capital assets, teacher moves between schools, and Governing Board correspondence.