• G&P Equipment

    Docutech 6135
    The two Docutech 6135s are equipped with a digital scanner, stitcher (stapler), tape binder, and booklet maker. With a printing rate of 135 copies a minute, the Docutechs are not only fast but also distribute high quality prints. Through e-mail or disk submission your job can be printed directly to the Docutechs resulting in high quality prints. One of the machines has a stitcher booklet maker attached which allows for the production of small and large booklets.

    BIZ HUB Pro 1200
    The BIZ HUB Pro 1200 prints 120 copies per minute with the ability to collate, staple and three hole punch. This machine is also equipment with special software for the creation of pads.

    Konica Minolta 1060
     With the ability to collate and staple the Konica Minola 1060 produces quality color prints at 60 prints per minute. Full color booklets are available.

    Konica Minolta 1060