Accessing Curriculum at Home

  •  In order to improve accessibility for Amphi Students, the Clever Single-Sign-On Portal has been adopted. Clever will provide students the ability to access all digital curriculum and important learning resources in one place. Some items include: Schoology, Zoom, Tyler, HMH: Ed Your Friend, Edgenuity, Waterford and more.

  How do I get to Clever?                 family

    On any device or browser (not signed into Google Bookmark Bar)                                                   

    1. Go to
    2. Click "Log in as a student" at the top right corner                                                                          laptop
    3. Search for any Amphi School to be taken to the Amphi sign-in portal.                  student on laptop
    4. Select your school.
    5. Add your Google Credentials                                                  

    On any device signed into Google Bookmark Bar

    1. On the Google Toolbar choose Student Resources (Upper left corner)          laptop
    2. Go to Clever
    3. Click "Log in as a student" at the top right corner
    4. Click "Log in with Google
    5. Confirm your credentials                                                                             


    VIDEO: Clever Audio Video with step by commentary:  

    VIDEO: Step-by-step demo:

     You can also download the Clever App to improve accessibility.


    Other Resources

    Google Account: All students have been issued a google account with their student ID at the beginning (ex:

    Google Bookmark Bar: Students are able to access bookmarks that have been shared with them and those they have saved while using any Chromebook or after linking their Google Chrome Profile to the device they are using. 


    If you have any questions or challenges accessing our curriculum at home please email our hotline at


    For Quick Feedback please include the following information:

    1. Who is impacted (Student Name, ID, Email Address)

    2. Device Info (type of computer, browser)

    3. What are you trying to do?

    4. What is happening?

    5. Screenshots or links to show what you are experiencing.

    6. How is this impacting your work?