• Welcome to the Kindergarten in the Amphitheater District!

    Kindergarten is an exciting time for children. Our wonderful certified teachers are looking forward to seeing your child in their classroom this fall. Our kindergarten program offers many educational opportunities for children to learn about the world around them through books, technology, science and much more.

    All our campuses offer FREE all-day Kindergarten!
    What will children do in Amphi's free full-day kindergarten classes?
    • Problem-solve by exploring new ideas and concepts.
    • Learn math, literacy and science skills.
    • Develop socially by learning how to work and play with other children in a caring, respectful manner.
    • Communicate and collaborate
    • Think creatively through music and art and across all other subject areas.
    • Think critically by learning and engaging in hands-on, minds-on activities.

    We invite you to discover more about learning at Amphi Schools, and what to expect as your child prepares to enter kindergarten. Please contact the individual schools for detailed information on registration or to set up a school tour. CLICK HERE for a school location map.

    Copper Creek Elementary School |  11620 N. Copper Spring Trail | 520-696-6800

    Coronado K-8 School | 3401 E. Wilds Road | 520-696-6610

    Donaldson Elementary School | 2040 W. Omar Drive | 520-696-6160

    Harelson Elementary School | 826 W. Chapala Drive | 520-696-6020

    Holaway Elementary School | 3500 N. Cherry Avenue | 520-696-6880

    Innovation Academy | 825 W. Desert Fairways Drive | 520-269-4610

    Keeling Elementary School | 2837 N. Los Altos Avenue | 520-696-6940

    Mesa Verde Elementary School | 1661 W. Sage Street | 520-696-6090

    Nash Elementary School | 515 W. Kelso Street | 520-696-6440

    Painted Sky Elementary School | 12620 N. Woodburne Avenue | 520-696-3800

    Prince Elementary School | 125 E. Prince Road | 520-696-6350

    Rio Vista Elementary School | 1351 E. Limberlost Drive | 520-696-5250

    Walker Elementary School | 1750 W. Roller Coaster Road | 520-696-6518

    Wilson K-8 School | 2330 W. Glover Road | 520-696-5800