• Advisory Committee Norms


    The Advisory Committee Regarding High School Instructional Scheduling agreed upon and will follow the norms listed below.


    1.  Begin and end on time.

    2.  If you are unable to attend, or will be late, call or email Ms. Gardiner as soon as possible.  (696-5158 / kgardiner@amphi.com)

    3.  Raise your hand to speak.

    4.  Be present. No cellphones or sidebar conversations.

    5.  Respect each other and the process of the Committee.

    6.  Understand there is no rank among Committee Members.

    7.  Contribute perspectives and interests openly.

    8.  Keep an open mind and accept alternative points of view.

    9.  Check for impact on students, learning and the organization.

    10.  We do not have the equipment necessary to provide interactive, telephonic participation in a large group setting.

    11.  A quorum (13 out of 24) of the Advisory Committee is required if there is a vote on a recommendation. For receiving and discussing information, a quorum is not required.