• Advisory Committee Recommendation to the Governing Board


    At the final Advisory Committee meeting on October 18, 2016 an overall recommendation, and individual recommendations for each high school, were determined.  The recommendations were presented to the Governing Board at the November 15, 2016 Regular Board Meeting.  The Board decided to study the recommendations further for action at a later date.


    Advisory Committee Recommends:

    * Each high school principal and staff develops their own master schedule within financial and legal requirements.


    Following agreement on the consensus statement at the October 18, 2016 meeting, Advisory Committee members present at the meeting shared the following recommendations pertinent to their sites:


    * Keep instructional minutes the same by requiring four (4) classes for a full time status (approx. 180 hours per period)

    * End school at 3:10 by reducing passing time and lunch time

    * Provide extra support – tutorial club – from 3:10 – 3:40 pm



    * Reduce instructional minutes to 150-160 by changing full time status to five (5) classes for the purpose of:

       1. Increasing teacher collaboration to improve cross-curricular and optimization of instruction for students

       2. Increasing the amount of students able to access tutorial and other clubs

       3. Reducing lost class time for last period for students/athletes/band students/teachers and coaches

    * Do not increase teacher workload as it would be counterproductive to the enhancement of student/teacher and administrator lives

    * The development of a student/parent survey committee should include current members of the CDO high school instructional minutes committee with the first right of refusal for questions



    * Change the definition of full time student status to five (5) classes in order to gain flexibility with site scheduling decisions and to increase the expectations for seniors.

    * Each high school continues to have autonomy to develop their site schedule.