• Information for our Schools

    Schools and school support organizations such as PTOs and booster clubs can post as many flyers as desired. There’s no cost to schools or the district to use Peachjar. School administrators and their designated Peachjar administrator(s) have accounts to upload flyers to Peachjar.

    Individual schools may post flyers for their site that promote information and events related to:

    • School news (announcements, events, and activities)
    • Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs)
    • Student Clubs and Organizations
    • Parent Booster Clubs

    Schools may not post flyers from external organizations; however, you may post flyers for fundraisers directly benefiting your school (example: Chipotle and McDonald’s nights). Businesses simply offering a student/parent discount are not allowed.

    Community nonprofit organizations must submit their information directly to Peachjar and may pay a small service fee to post and distribute flyers electronically. The legal department will review and approve all community flyers. Schools can receive paper flyers from these groups, but they must also be distributed electronically through Peachjar.

    Unsure if a flyer is appropriate to post? Contact Michelle Valenzuela at (520) 696-5215 or mvalenzuela@amphi.com