• As a community service, Amphitheater Public Schools provides outside organizations the opportunity to send flyers to families within the district boundaries and employees through Peachjar's online e-flyer delivery service. For a small fee, outside organizations are able to submit flyers directly to Peachjar. Additionally, there is no fee for flyers that promote free events for families, students, and district staff.

    Amphitheater Public Schools approves the distribution of:

    Flyers that promote an educational experience for students or parents, a healthy use of leisure time, and/or a special enrichment activity not duplicated by Amphitheater Public Schools or an affiliated program.

    In order for your flyer to be considered, please ensure it meets the following criteria:

    • The sponsoring organization is non-profit or tax-exempt. (You may be asked for documentation when you create your account.)
    • The advertised activity or event does not conflict with enrollment and attendance in district schools.
    • The advertised activity or event is youth focused and promotes the health, education or welfare of our students.
    • The flyer clearly displays the organization's name and contact information.

    In addition, the disclaimer: “Amphitheater Public Schools neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material. The publication of this material is provided as a community service.” will be automatically added to the bottom of each flyer when using the Peachjar online e-flyer delivery service.

    All flyers to be distributed must:

    • Be in PDF format.
    • Contain font sizes not less than size 12.
    • Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity.
    • If submitting flyers for distribution in English and Spanish, the flyer must be submitted in both English and Spanish in the same document -- flyers can have multiple pages in one file (click here for a free online program that combines PDF files into one document).  Please provide an accurate translation -- be advised that Google Translate is not sufficient.  
    • Support the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefit the students, or be of intrinsic value to the students or their parents/guardians.
    • Comply with rules and regulations set forth in Amphitheater Unified School District No. 10 Board Policies including but not limited to Board Policies: KH, KHA, KHB, and KHC.

    Amphitheater Public Schools does not approve the distribution of:

    • Materials for projects, activities, or programs that would publicize or promote a particular church, religious organization, or religious viewpoint.
    • Materials for projects, activities, or programs that would publicize or promote a particular political party, political organization, or political viewpoint.
    • Materials for projects, activities, or programs that would publicize or promote a for-profit business.
    • Materials for events deemed by the district as not suitable for children.

    Flyers must NOT contain materials that:

    • Are lewd, obscene, libelous, or slanderous.
    • Incite students to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules, or disrupt the orderly operation of the schools.
    • Promote any particular political interest, candidate, party, or ballot measure.
    • Proselytize or position the district on any side of a controversial issue.
    • Discriminate against, attack or denigrate any group on account of gender, race, age, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, or other unlawful consideration.
    • Promote the use or sale of materials or services that are illegal or inconsistent with school objectives, including, but not limited to, images, materials or advertisements for tobacco, intoxicants, and movies or products unsuitable for children.
    • Solicit funds or services for an organization, with the exception of solicitations authorized in Board policy.