Find Your Closest Home School

  • Verifying your home school district is important in ensuring you are eligible for educational services through Amphi. For preschool, screenings and evaluations for special education are only conducted for children who live within the Amphitheater Public School District Boundaries.

    Pima Association of Governments (PAG) School Locator
    Please follow the link to enter your address and locate the nearest school.

    If the school from PAG is listed below, you are likely in the correct district to obtain special education services!
    Amphitheater High School
    Amphitheater Middle School
    Canyon Del Oro High School
    Copper Creek Elementary School
    Coronado K-8 School
    Cross Middle School
    Donaldson Elementary School
    Holaway Elementary School
    Innovation Academy
    Ironwood Ridge High School
    Keeling Elementary School
    La Cima Middle School
    Mesa Verde Elementary School
    Nash Elementary School
    Painted Sky Elementary School
    Prince Elementary School
    Rillito Center
    Rio Vista Elementary School
    Walker Elementary School
    Wilson K-8 School

    If you do not see your school listed above, please call us at (520)696-6860 to verify your home district.

    Verifying Home District Another Way:

    Amphi Bus Finder
    Please follow the link to the Amphi Bus Finder. If your child is under five years of age, please input their grade as KG for home district locating. 
    school bus and schoolhouse

School House
School bus