• Which accounts should I use?

    Amphi will use a variety of platforms for communicating with families. Here is a breakdown of the accounts you should be aware of.

  • Infinite Campus Logo

    Purpose: Infinite Campus serves as Amphi's Student Information System, SIS. This system is the official location for grades and attendance.

    Login Access: Infinite Campus is a new addition to the systems in Amphi. As the program is rolled out to the district a parent portal will become accessible. Communication will be shared when the portal is ready for parents, families and students. 

  • Schoology Logo

    Pronounced: skoo - luh - jee

    Purpose: Schoology serves as Amphi's Learning Management System, LMS. This system takes the place of traditional web pages and is utilized as a digital classroom. Schoology provides an environment where students can submit and upload assignments, access daily tasks, collaborate with their peers, and access other learning resources and activities. 

    Login Access: Students are recommended to access Schoology directly through their Clever account. Parents or guardians are recommended to access Schoology alongside their child for the time being.