• Elementary REACH Pull Out Program

    The Pull Out model is designed for REACH students in 1st through 6th grades.

    • A gifted education endorsed teacher pulls identified gifted students from their classrooms in order to work with gifted peers.
    • First grade students receive one hour each week of gifted education instruction.
    • Students in 2nd through 6th grades receive two hours each week of gifted education.
    • Enriched curriculum in this model focuses on two areas: improving creative and critical thinking skills, and students learning more about themselves and others as gifted learners.
    • Curriculum is specifically designed for gifted learners.

    Gifted Learners have unique social emotional needs.

    • The Pull Out models allows gifted specialists to focus on those needs.
    • REACH teachers are advocates for their gifted learners.
    • The REACH teacher can work directly with the cluster classroom teacher to meet the needs of the identified gifted learners in their classroom.

    The Elementary REACH Department also offers a kindergarten enrichment program.

    • This program starts at the beginning of Second Quarter.
    • The goal of this program is to help identify kindergarten students that might benefit from gifted identification testing in the spring.
    • The program also helps prepare students for testing.