• What is the high school REACH model?

    • REACH services transition from the middle school Humanities model, which provides inclusive REACH experiences in the Humanities classroom, to an expansive experience in the high school setting. A link to the Middle School transition to High School presentation that is shared with middle school students and teachers is provided below.
    • Grades 9-10 receive REACH education through their English class in the form of REACH workshops, offering skills and strategies to be successful in high school. These workshops occur 1-2 times per quarter.
    • Grades 11-12 receive REACH education through elective courses, Honors Seminar and Honors Capstone.
    • Grades 9-12 receive REACH services through student advocacy with their high school REACH teacher. Classroom teachers may refer REACH students for advocacy and guidance, and students may opt for these services by making an appointment with their REACH teacher. Advocacy includes: academic support, social-emotional guidance and college/career mentorship.
    • LINK to Middle School transition to High School SLIDES: Middle School Transition to High School
    • LINK to CDO High School programming: CDO REACH Programming
    • LINK to IRHS High School programming: IRHS REACH Programming
    • LINK to AHS High School programing: AHS REACH Programming


    What is the difference between Honors English 9 and REACH Honors English 9?

      • The high school REACH program provides services to 100% of grade 9 REACH students through Honors English 9 or REACH Honors English 9. REACH students who do not enroll in Honors English 9 will be automatically enrolled in REACH Honors English 9.
      • Honors English 9 is a traditional advanced English course designed to prepare students for Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment courses in grades 11-12.
    • REACH Honors English 9 is a gifted approach to Honors English 9. The program relies on project-based learning, thematic instruction and alternative learning products. Literature includes accessible texts, film, television, art and music as storytelling and offers students a choice of learning products. The Writing Coach series will offer more student support in developing advanced writing skills. The course is designed to prepare students for Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment courses in grades 11-12. This course is a good fit for students with strong creativity and critical thinking skills, who may need support in reading and writing. *The REACH teacher collaborates closely with the REACH Honors English teacher to provide more support for students.


    What do REACH students learn in Honors Seminar and Honors Capstone?

    • Grades 11-12 are eligible to register for Honors Seminar. The course is designed to develop professional skills and personal growth in preparation for post-secondary pathways. Highlights from the course include: first impressions, email etiquette, resume development, inquiry letters, social media presence, self-awareness through personality surveys, self-reflection, informational interviews, leveled questions, professional interviews, mentorship, and future-focused fieldwork.
    • Grade 12 students who have completed Honors Seminar are eligible to register for Honors Capstone. The course is designed to guide and mentor students through a Capstone Project, employing the Launch & Learn model. Students will develop a project proposal, research, design elements of the project, set goals, launch the project and share their projects in the community. 


    Who do I contact with specific questions about REACH high school programming?

    Email: Sally Miller at smiller1@amphi.com. Mrs. Miller will be able to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate contact. Please include your name, your child’s name, grade and high school.