• Elementary Cluster Program

    Cluster Grouping; Fulltime Services for our Gifted Students

    What is Clustering?
    Groups of 5-8 REACH identified students are placed in a mixed ability classroom with a teacher who has training, or is receiving training, in working with gifted students.

    Why do we Cluster?

    � There is enough demand that the teacher has to made accommodations for this group.
    � This grouping allows an opportunity for the REACH teacher to work directly with the classroom teacher and the students.
    � This grouping gives the students an opportunity to be with others who think the same way they do. They are more likely to choose challenges when others also participate.
    � Students can be gifted all week long, not just an hour or two a week.

    How will the curriculum be differentiated for the REACH students?
    � Compacting/Extension projects
    � Tiered lessons
    � Greater breadth and depth of subject matter (still addressing the Arizona State Standards

    What are some other benefits of this program?
    � All students in the classroom receive instruction at the appropriate level of challenge
    � Students are able to work with various groupings, dependent on their needs and the learning objectives
    � Students learn to become more self-directed

    How will the classroom teacher be supported by the REACH teacher?
    � REACH teacher will provide in-service opportunities
    � The REACH teacher will conduct demonstration lessons to set the stage for differentiation
    � The REACH teacher will be available for planning and implementation of differentiated instruction
    � The REACH teacher will provide enrichment activities beyond the classroom
    � The REACH teacher will meet with the identified gifted students on a regular basis to help the students understand their giftedness and their unique social emotional needs.