• Elementary REACH Department

    Elementary gifted specialists will meet with cluster classroom teachers once a month to share differentiation strategies for gifted learners.  Our goal is to ensure that the needs of gifted and high-ability learners are met all day, every day.  The monthly meetings will also provide time for gifted specialists and cluster classroom teachers to collaborate and communicate.

    Middle School REACH Department

    Our middle school Humanities class is shifting toward a gifted experience through the lens of social studies content.  Gifted learners will participate in Self-Awareness Wednesdays, focusing on social and emotional issues unique to the gifted population.  They will also learn more about themselves and others as gifted learners during this time.

    High School REACH Department

    REACH English Honors 9 is a new class this year.  The first and third quarters will be devoted to film as literature, focusing on The Hero's Journey.  REACH teachers will continue pushing-in to ninth and tenth grade English Honors classes to provide social and emotional learning lessons for gifted learners.  The REACH teacher at each high school will teach both Honors Seminar and Honors Capstone.  The REACH teachers are advocates for every identified gifted student on their campus.