Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces

    ALEKS, which grew out of research on Knowledge Space Theory at the University of California – Irvine, is an incredibly effective adaptive math program originally built with the undergraduate student in mind. Today, it reaches back as far as Grade 3. The beauty of ALEKS is that it can, with a high degree of accuracy, pinpoint exactly what the student knows, doesn’t know, and most importantly, what the student is ready to learn next. ALEKS offers technology enhanced practice items, embedded instructional videos, customizable learning pathways, and unmatched reporting for district and school administrators.

    ALEKS allows students to master skills before moving on and encourages progress with the interactive “PIE” chart. ALEKS does not move a student further in the program if he/she has not mastered the previous concepts, and students don’t begin a concept until they have the skills necessary for success. Teachers are able to differentiate learning by assigning students additional support materials and assessments. In addition, there are numerous reports available to the teacher, such as progress, time and topic, standards, and knowledge per slice. ALEKS is correlated with our AZCCRS and connected to our McGraw-Hill high school curriculum.