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Testimonials - Our Pride of Amphi!

  • Vanessa Harding, Finance

    Linda Lee, Walker Elementary

    Michelle Branham, Painted Sky

    Vanessa Harding

    It has been a great incentive to further my education and finish my degree. I have been able to advance in my position with the district, with more opportunities once my degree is complete. I recommend the program to all classified staff, as it's a great way to keep your mind fresh and up to date with the frequent changes in technology and any business environment. It's also a great conversation piece with students to show them the value of post-secondary education.

    Linda Lee

    The Classified Credits program that Amphi provides has encouraged me to go back to school to further my skill set in both the Spanish and ASL languages which has helped me in the past to make some of our families here at Walker Elementary feel understood and valued, I believe, by making them more comfortable communicating. I appreciate the added benefit of having an additional amount of income provided annually. I still have the equivalent of twelve credits to apply for and the process, even though in the beginning it felt overwhelming, is well worth the effort. I an thankful that Amphi still continues to offer this opportunity with all the budget challenges we have been facing this past decade.

    Michelle Branham

    I became an Amphi employee while I was in school working towards my teacher certification. The benefits I received, as a benefits eligible classified employee, were amazing. One of the perks was the Classified Salary Credit Program. This benefit reimburses employees $31.26 per credit. I worked, went to school, and once a year my employer sent me a check to reimburse me for a portion of my tuition. It was fantastic! I started with Amphi as a classified employee and with the district's financial support, and a lot of hard work on my part, I am now a certified teacher. Thank you Amphi!

  • What is it?

    We take pride in our high-quality workforce and want to support their professional advancement in every way we can. Support Staff (Classified) employees can receive $31.26 ANNUALLY for each continuing education credit completed (such as coursework at a college, or in-services)!

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  • What are some options for schools?

  • Arizona State University
  • Central Arizona College
  • Grand Canyon University
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Pima Community College
  • Prescott College
  • Teacher Scholarship Opportunity
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Phoenix