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👓 Dress Code

  • Policy GBEBA states: Employees must always consider that their employment places them in the position of role models for students. The Governing Board expects the dress and appearance of certificated and support personnel to be professional in nature and to set a standard for student attire. Although employees should have the basic freedom to express their individuality, basic expectations must be met. Teachers are expected to observe standards of dress and grooming appropriate for a professional in a school setting.

    Dress will be considered professionally appropriate if it does not disrupt the classroom atmosphere or educational process. Minimally, professional standards of dress shall observe the following guidelines:

    • Clothing should be free of frays, holes, or tears and should not expose undergarments, breasts, chests, or midriffs
    • Clothing shall not display profanity or profane or obscene gestures, nor shall it support alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or sexual activity
    • Caps or hats should not be worn inside buildings
    • Skirts or dresses should be mid-thigh or longer
    • Running shorts, Spandex shorts, or other exercise clothing are not acceptable except for coaches while actively teaching, or for physical education teachers. Walking shorts are considered appropriate within the classroom
    • Rubber thongs are not acceptable footwear
    • The requirements of the student dress code of the District and/or school shall be observed by the employees

    It is recognized that all employees shall enjoy full rights of citizenship and liberty as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona. However, individual freedom of expression of certificated employees must be balanced with the impressionability of students, particularly since they are, essentially, a “captive audience.”

    Therefore, the following also must be observed:

    • Religious dress, marks, emblems, or insignias are permissible provided they do not proselytize or disparage religion
    • Clothing should be free of political messages. Political messages are defined as those that are intended to influence the outcome of elections or to support and/or oppose a particular political candidate, issue, party, or point of view

    The intent of this policy is not to unduly restrict personal expression. The Governing Board recognizes that implementation of this policy calls for sensitive, intelligent action on the part of the school staff so that professionalism and individuality are reasonably balanced.

👍 Ready to Start?

  • Be sure to review our Safety and Security pages prior to reporting - it has great tips and important information to ensure a safe assignment for both the students and you!

    Report to the school/department's front office to sign in - you must sign in on the daily sign in sheet. You may receive an I.D. badge, keys, and other information such as:

    • A map of the campus
    • Fire drill routes
    • Lists of teachers performing extra duties
    • Scheduled hours
    • Rules/regulations
    • Instructions for reporting attendance/lunch count
    • Other pertinent information

    The front office will help guide you to your assignment.

    👩‍🏫 Certificated substitutes

    We have additional material to help support you including more detailed information on your duties (even lesson plans)!

🏁 Ready to Leave?

  • 🍴 Substitutes are invited to eat in the school cafeteria - please notify the office/cafeteria if you plan to eat. Meals are offered at a very reasonable cost. Cash must be used to pay, credit cards are not accepted.

  • All school records and reports should be handled with care; many records are of a confidential nature. They are maintained in order to provide information on child development for the professional staff. It is essential that you are careful not to divulge any confidential information which has been received from contact with children and other people in the profession.