🏁 Thank you!

  • All substitutes

    • Make sure the room is secure and tidy (windows locked, materials returned to proper places, lights turned off, doors locked, etc.)
    • Check in with the school's office before leaving. At that time, return everything loaned to you.
    • Ensure you have signed the substitute sign in sheet for the day.
    • The school's office will let you know if the employee you were replacing will be returning the next day; if not, they may ask you to return the following day. This is the only time you will accept an assignment from anyone other than the Substitute Office.
    • Substitutes, like all employees of the district, are evaluated. The principal or department head and the regular teacher (if applicable) complete an assessment form on the substitute. You also have input through the Substitute Feedback Form, please ensure to complete one. You may make an appointment to go over your evaluations by contacting the Records Clerk at (520) 696-5246.

    Certificated substitutes

    Please also remember:

    • If you have assigned written work of any kind, it should be corrected before you leave unless the teacher has specified not to.
    • If you have papers to leave for the teacher, leave them with the grade book unless otherwise instructed.
    • Leave an explicit note for the teacher:
      • Detailing the materials that you covered that day
      • Whether you were able to complete the lesson plans and if not, why
      • List students who were absent
      • Behavior problems (name names)
      • List exceptional behavior (name names)
      • Explain any unusual occurrence, i.e. “A student (list student) kept getting out of their seat and twirling around. I had to move their desk to the front of the room.”

🙋‍♂️ Come Back Soon!

  • We value our substitutes and everything you do for our students and staff. Please consider accepting another assignment in the future!