• The Amphitheater School District provides salary placement schedules for employees. The schedules include minimum and maximum salaries and include factors such as education and experience. You will find the Salary Placement Schedules on this webpage.

    Each year, a team of representatives from the District and the employee association recognized by the Governing Board to represent employees (currently the Amphitheater Education Association) meet to determine a joint recommendation for any possible salary increases.

    If the Governing Board approves a recommendation for an increase, the increase is applied to individual employees pay rates within the placement schedule parameters.

    In some years, no increases have been possible because of a lack of funding by the State. In some years, the Governing Board has approved a recommendation for a flat increase, where each employee gets a set amount of money added to their salaries. In some years, a percentage has been applied across the board. In 2019, employees received a percentage based on years of service.

    Some of you may remember that the District had a salary schedule that outlined increases by “Steps.” In 2018, the Meet and Confer teams recognized that using pre-determined salary steps actually reduced the options for salary increases. They recommended removing the Step system in 2018, and the Governing Board approved the change.

      Salary Placement Schedules