Employees enrolled in a District Medical plan have FREE access to use Teladoc from the comfort of your home. This is a District-Paid benefit that provides phone or online access to a doctor 24/7/365.

    To use Teladoc, you can reach a U.S Board-certified doctor on the Teladoc app or you can call at: 1-800-835-2362 

    NOTE: You do not need your medical ID to access your Teladoc benefits. When calling, please provide your name and inform them that you are an employee with Amphitheater Public Schools. If they have trouble accessing your Teladoc account, please reach out to the Benefits office for assistance.

    EAP Employee Assistance Program - FREE Mental Health Care

    The Amphitheater District offers FREE Employee Assistance Benefits to employees. There is NO COST to employees, and benefits can also be extended to:

     Any household member, regardless of age or relationship, residing in employee’s home, including significant other and their children.  

    You may receive 1-to-5 counseling sessions per problem, per year! For those of you currently experiencing a high level of stress, you may find this benefit useful.

     You can access these benefits by calling toll free at:1-800-343-3822

    ASRS - Service Updates

    Arizona State Retirement System is providing most of their services online or by phone. There is currently no expectation of any significant disruption of services. Please note that until further notice, all member education meetings have been moved to electronic formats.

    To keep updated on ASRS Click Here